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Sally Baldwin - Client Experience

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

My son started lessons just 3 years ago and 90% of all his lessons have been over Skype. Although we have tried local teachers and group classes we have personally found that no-one gets the results like Mindy does. His improvement meant he went from zero singing skills, from a very non-musical family, to being cast as the Phantoms son in Love Never Dies, Michael Banks in Mary Poppins and successful in the first season of The Voice Kids Australia making it in the top 45 from over 8000. Mindy is always so incredibly enthusiastic and encouraging whilst getting incredible results. She is a stickler for pronunciation and can always fix any little problems you are having. Although practice is vital I am always astounded how after an hour lesson Mindy can turn a mess into a masterpiece. Being able to record your Skype lessons is priceless. It means for the next week you can go over and over your lesson without missing a thing. We can literally show Mindy everything we are doing and no need to wait until next week. I absolutely have no doubt that Ky is improving at a much faster rate than he would be with another teacher. I can't think of anything that Ky misses out on by having lessons online.

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