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Jefferson Tuke - Client Experience

My name is Jefferson Tuke. I am a professional touring singer. My profession requires me to sing sets that can last up to 4 hours. I generally do 100 + performances a year. I began working with Mindy Pack a couple months ago to improve and maintain my voice given the rigorous nature of the schedule. Through a variety of physical therapy regimens, in addition to vocal sessions using her Voice Straw technique and device, Mindy began helping me with my already struggling voice. She also began weekly swedish massage treatments with a focus on my vocal muscle group.

We book ended our work with vocal scopes from her medical team, of my vocal cords to view the actual physical change during treatment. As I continued my daily vocal workload I noticed a significant difference (on a continued upward trajectory) both in function and control. Also, the physical pain I was experiencing in my voice before our sessions was very quickly diminished if not completely eliminated. My vocal range has increased 6 full notes within this two month period and I have noticed a MASSIVE change in my endurance through and after long sets as well as improved clarity of tone and overall control of pitch. This truly has been a godsend.

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