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Voice Massage

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

The voice is an amazing instrument used in so many art forms and professions. Just like professional athletes, we believe vocal athletes need training, rehabilitation, education, cutting edge science and an effective maintenance program to increase potential and add longevity to their career.

Guy laying on massage table, shows his head and shoulders. Masseuse has hand on his cheeks.

Vocal athletes also need a team that, not only supports them, but understands the voice as part of the whole-body connection, and how that connection works. Through years of working with a wide variety of vocal athletes of all levels, we discovered most rehabilitation and maintenance work our clients had received in the past focus solely on the vocal cords and a bit on the neck, not much else. As we began to treat these vocalists with the full body approach in mind (structural alignment, movement, body mechanics, etc) we started having very positive long-lasting results in vocal form and function.

Voice massage or Laryngeal Manipulation is a buzzword right now as people are beginning to realize the benefit of manual therapy for singers and voice users. This service is amazing for anyone who is experience a loss of range, muscle tension, muscle tension dysphonia, fatigue, raspiness, hoarseness, and overall effortful singing and voicing.

I did extra work in structural integration and myofascial release, as well as very specialized training in the neck for voice and swallowing. Studying over 1000 extra hours specifically in training exclusive to the neck.

How do you know that that you have found a qualified therapist to work on one of your most vulnerable areas? Most massage modalities teach you that deep neck work is treated as a “no” zone. This would include some medical professions that have had limited hours in training in manual manipulations. Therefore, when looking for this type of therapy, a client needs to find a specialist who understands the anatomy and structures inside the neck to avoid injury.

Black and white of a female singer
We are going to go through a full diagnostic of daily patterns that you do and watch how you perform. Are you a physical performer or not a physical performer? I analyze everything that's going into it, even your tissue health, to see what's happening.

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