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Voice Techniques

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Mindy’s clients have been on world tours, national Broadway tours, AMA's, the Grammy's, BET Awards, Saturday Night Live, and International Award shows. Some have become viral YouTube sensations, college scholarship winners, TV singing show contestants, and cruise line performers and just kill it at their local karaoke competition.

male singer being coached by a female voice coach

Her roster includes novices and professionals of all genres and styles. She also works with actors, voice-over artists, and motivational speakers. Additionally, she has experience working with transitioning clients and clients who have sustained vocal injury and are in rehabilitation and habilitation. So no matter if you are a novice or a professional you will feel right at home in Mindy’s studio.

My goal as a coach is to make sure that every client can have access to the full potential of their range, from low to high, that they don’t experience tension, cracking, flipping or breathiness unless that is a choice that they want to make in their style or genre.

Mindy understands the importance of connecting rising artists to industry professionals, and she’s known to leverage her connections in the music industry for her clients. Mindy often brings in top industry professionals to help her clients network and develop their vocal and performance skills.

When they are in sessions with me, it’s working on repertoire, style and vocal balance so again they can sing from low to high without cracking, tension, flipping, or breathiness. Then they can go out and perform in the extremes of whatever demand they have and always come back to balance. It’s me showing them what that balance is, not only vocally, but also in their physical body and just being prepared to go out and accomplish whatever they need to do.

Male sitting playing guitar and singing

Mindy’s Philosophy

We always have a target and a goal, and I make sure that the client’s goal is heard and obtainable. There is not an extra agenda on my part. Some people might find with other coaches that they are expected to sing perfectly or in a perfect technique. That you somehow must conform and fit in that mold or their idea of what perfect technique is. That is not how I work. My goal is to show you how you can obtain a voice that has freedom and flexibility. That you can sing low to high without any cracking, flipping, tension, breathiness, or strain. That you know where a healthy vocal balance feels like, or what I call “home base” is so that you can then go out and play and experiment with different vocal acrobatics and vocal styles that won’t damage the voice. In other words, if you are choosing to make certain style choices that you are doing so in a correct way without damaging or adding extra effort. That you have unlimited tools in their vocal toolbox so that they can express their style and emotion in a safe and effective way while still maintaining their unique artistic integrity.

When we are doing warmups and cool downs, we want to be as perfect and in a vocal balance throughout your entire range. However, when it comes to the artistic fingerprint of the client their style might dictate something else. I love working with vocalists who have that unique artistic fingerprint that may not be a perfect technique but a style or sound that speaks to the soul. I don’t want to change what is a unique characteristic of their sound, I only want to help them make it so they use less effort and can execute that style in a healthy and balanced way.

It’s all about the clients goals, not mine. I want to show them their true potential.

It’s important for people to understand that I am not critiquing their genre. I am helping them execute their genre to the best of their ability. Based on your genre and demands is how we train. How I work with a rapper is very different then how I work with a pop singer or a rock singer. Every session is set up to help you independently reach your potential. There is no cookie cutter training. You voice is unique and therefore your training should reflect that.

Sometimes artists feel like they get stuck, or they say I can only sing in this range, and I love proving them wrong. I love showing them that the voice has so many more capabilities than they would ever be aware of. I love watching that growth and see their vocal ability strengthen and develop. It’s liberating for both the teacher and the client.

Mindy has a full studio in Salt Lake City, Utah, and a satellite studio in Los Angeles, California, but she sees clients from all around the world via online sessions. Mindy is excited to work with vocalists of all levels on helping them cultivate and develop their artistic fingerprint.

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