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Achieving Your Goals with a Voice Coach

For vocalists, January is the perfect time to reflect on your musical journey and set new goals for the year ahead. Reaching your vocal goals requires more than just passion and talent. You need a strategic plan and dedication to achieve specific goals. For many, a voice coach is the ultimate catalyst for turning their dreams into a reality.

"Either you have your dreams, or you live your dreams."

Setting Goals

What are the best ways to create goals and a plan to achieve them?

Review your current and past goals.

Think about your resolutions last year, or some goals you’ve made for yourself in the past few months. Do you want to keep working on them, let them go, or adjust them to fit your current state of mind? Give yourself the permission to make changes and have grace for where you currently are in your vocal journey.

Write down what you want.

Get out a piece of paper (yes, a real piece of paper, not your Notes app), and write down the experiences you want to have this year. You can refer back to this brainstorm list whenever you want.

Verbalize the changes you want to make.

That’s right, say them out loud. To a friend, partner, voice coach, or anyone who can help keep you accountable. Saying it out loud sets it further in stone.

Make your goals a daily practice.

Incorporate aspects of your goals into your day-to-day life, whether that means referring to your brainstorm list or practicing for a few minutes every day.

Come up with a mission statement.

Writing down a mission statement is a tangible reminder of your goals. Be sure that your mission statement is something that YOU want, and not something you think you should want. When you feel your mission statement in your core, you will have a stronger drive and passion to fulfill it.

The Role of a Voice Coach

The role of a voice coach is to listen to what YOUR goals are and provide a path for you to achieve them. Whether you're an aspiring vocalist starting fresh or an established artist seeking to refine your skills, the guidance of a voice coach can make all the difference.

One size does not fit all when it comes to vocal training.

Each vocalist has their own unique artistic fingerprint, and a voice coach should understand the nuances of each individual voice. Your voice coach should ask you what your personal goals are, then tailor your coaching experience to help you accomplish those goals. This personalized approach ensures that every session will contribute to your overall growth.

The journey towards your goals is exactly that—a journey! Make sure to enjoy the process and celebrate your accomplishments. With personalized guidance and a commitment to your growth, the collaboration between a voice coach and vocalist can propel you towards success. Cheers to a new year full of vocal achievements!


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