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Voice Over Artists

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Being a voice over artist is no joke. The vocal athleticism you must have to complete your tasks is a feat all by itself. For voice-over artists, their voice is their tool, their money maker and we need to make sure that they have healthy patterns and tools in order to balance having the freedom to not only use their voice correctly, but to know when they have hit a limit so they can advocate for themselves, knowing they need a break.

black and white of male and female singers in a sound booth

People who do voice-overs or any kind of voice acting are vocal athletes. From the constant recordings of auditions to the eight-hour day of recording an audio book, into the make-believe world of animation and then the vocal extremes of the exertions. You use your voice more than most professions so why wouldn’t you do everything in your power to protect it and also help it reach its full potential?

It is imperative that an artist is shown how to speak correctly because the athleticism that a voice-over artist has to accomplish daily can be extreme.

If your voice doesn’t work, you don’t work. If you don’t work, there's no money. So, we need to make sure that these patterns and the actor’s health is put into place so that they can have longevity in a career. It’s about identifying what the limits are, (if there are limits), and stretching those limits with correct vocal balance, knowing where your neutral or home base is, and then being able to have freedom and flexibility to perform in the projects they choose. It is imperative that an artist is shown how to speak correctly because the athleticism that a voice-over artist has to accomplish daily can be extreme.

My voice over coaching sessions are for any and every skill level. What sets my coaching apart from other coaches is that I am a technician. I am going to teach you the ins and the out of your voice. I am going to teach you how to STRETCH towards new characters. I am going to coach you on how to REHAB after a particularly brutal session. I am going to teach you to notice when your voice isn’t functioning properly and how to reset it so that you can get back to work quickly! We work towards your goals and work towards having you deliver your most real, authentic, and honest performance. Every coaching session is private and custom-tailored to your specific goals.

Each session we will evaluate where your voice is at and will set up a healthy vocal patterns and exercise routines so you, the artist, can find the freedom and flexibility necessary execute your demands. If your demand is talking in a little kid voice, then we are going to do exercises to help you achieve those sounds in a healthy and correct way. If your demand is doing a video game session then we will go over how to scream, call, and grunt in ways that won’t hurt your voice so that you can get the job done in fewer takes without feeling fatigued.

As a Voice Over artist, you never want to feel limited in your ability. Let me help you become LIMITLESS in your voicing capabilities so that you can be ready or anything when that audition call comes your way!

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