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Vocal Mist Nebulizer


Most people think that a steamer or humidifier will hydrate your vocal cords directly. Although this helps hydrate the mouth it doesn’t directly hydrate the vocal cords. A nebulizer is the only product that can help hydrate directly on the vocal cords. This has been proven through scientific study! This system is amazing and comes with saline that is made for inhalation.

The MyVocalMist Portable Nebulizer is not only great for singers it also works for anyone that experiences issues with allergens, dry climates, demanding schedules, and intense use such as actors, public speakers, teachers, coaches, and others. When using the product make sure you are using a saline solution that is made for inhalation. Use this product as directed or contact your doctor to see how often you should be using this!

Vocal Mist Nebulizer
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