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EMPOWERING you to choose what connects you at the soul level.


Coaching Singers, Actors, Voice Over and VOCAL ARTISTS in gaining freedom and flexibility in not only their singing voice but everyday voice For LIMITLESS choices.




It’s true that whatever your style of music or vocal demands you are experiencing, Mindy Pack Vocal Studios knows how to bring out the best in your voice through private singing lessons and vocal coaching sessions. Not only does Mindy get you performance-ready, her goal is to make you career-ready. 


You may have heard “Those who can’t do it, teach it,” and this is certainly true of the majority of individuals teaching voice. But the benefit of working with Mindy Pack is that she is a performer herself, with current and active experience in the voice world with connections in the music industry at large. 


Mindy fully understands the demands and expectations of performing on the world stage in any genre, at any venue, and is prepared to help you achieve your loftiest goals. If you are a singer, actor, voice over artist you have come to the right place.   So, whether you just want to sing in the shower, kill it at karaoke, be the next voice in an animated series or you’re ready to explode onto the global music scene, Mindy is here to help you succeed.



Looking at the full body experience of a vocal artist and coaching to create new 

patterns and habits that the body can be in alignment and work optimally to perform.


Vocal tract reconditioning is more than just a voice massage. VTR is a service that looks at the body as a whole and help eliminate any muscle tensions and imbalances that are affecting the voice. Voice massage or Laryngeal Manipulation is a buzzword right now as people are beginning to realize the benefit of manual therapy for singers and voice users. This service is amazing for anyone who is experience a loss of range, muscle tension, muscle tension dysphonia, fatigue, raspiness, hoarseness, and overall effortful singing and voicing. How do you know that that you have found a qualified therapist to work on one of your most vulnerable areas?   Most massage modalities teach you that certain neck work is treated as a “no” zone. This would include some medical professions that have had limited hours in training in manual manipulations. Therefore, a client needs to find a specialist who understands the anatomy and structures inside the neck to avoid injury. This is why the work you do with Mindy Pack is so incredible.  Many clients state that this is the “game changer” in their career.     


A massage therapist must have certain hours of state-regulated training and education in order to be fully licensed and credentialed. Not only did I complete the credentialed hours, but I also went beyond that to have more knowledge and hands on experience to customize and enhance the experience and treatments I provide for clients. This includes different massage modalities, structural integration protocols and myofascial release, as well as very specialized training in the neck for voice and swallowing disorders and function.


What I do is different, as I am licensed to look at the body as a whole vs. just the vocal tract area. There are many who perform body work.  You can see an MD, Physical Therapist, Chiropractor, an SLP (Speech Language Pathologist) and/or a licensed massage therapist. Each of them are licensed to work on your body however some may have only had minimal hours on body manipulations – or looking at the body might be outside their scope, practice or confidence and experience. Some may have never had training on massage protocols for the neck.  So many variables! Therefore, it is important to go to someone with a background and education in working in one of your most sensitive and protected areas.



I look at the bigger picture, the body as a whole. I look at the body instead of just the vocal tract area.  I am not only looking at the muscles but going beyond that to see if your posture is out or other body misaligned.  Do you have certain habits in your daily life that is putting your voice at risk? We look at and consider any surgeries, body injuries, accidents, etc. Are you a weightlifter, what is your physical routine? Do you sit at a desk all day? Are you an artist who wears heels? Are you in instrumentalist playing guitar and/or piano?  Do you hold your mic a certain way? All these specific body positions change the way your body patterns exist and can affect your voice.   


Book a session today to experience how a full body or VTR session with Mindy is what your voice needs! 


A person’s postural alignment, based on anatomy, can have a dramatic effect on their voice. So when you come and get a body work session from me, I’m not just looking at what’s happening in the voice, but I am looking at the body as a whole and analyzing how we can help create better patterns that lead to vocal relief.


If you have been experiencing pain or discomfort, loss of range, hoarseness, difficulty singing and voicing then a body work session is something you should consider.  When you are singing and voicing it is so much more than what is happening on the vocal cords. Voice Users need to start thinking of yourself as a vocal athletes and every athlete needs to have their full body ready so they can deliver a peak performance night after night.  Most artists don’t realize that how you hold your guitar, sit at a piano, wearing heels, talking in meetings, or even holding your phone can have an affect how you voice responds.  Body work sessions with Mindy are more than just a relaxing session.  Mindy is going to get to the root of the issues so that you can deliver the performance you meant to do!


On your initial intake we will go through a history of when symptoms started, what are your performance and lifestyle patterns and behaviors.  We will look at your full body instead of just your neck.   Sessions will include stretching, body manipulation, pin and holding and different massage modalities.  This could include full body, or we can really focus on your shoulders, chest, ribs, arm pit, neck and in and outside the mouth.  Each session is customized for what you are experiencing that day. 


If you are experiencing tension, cracking, loss of range, fatigue, loss of stamina, hoarseness, breathiness, that could be because the body is out of alignment causing extra strain in the vocal tract. All of which is discoverable and recoverable through Mindy’s methodology. 


Looking at the full body experience of a vocal artist and coaching to create new 

patterns and habits that the body can be in alignment and work optimally to perform.





Mindy also works with actors, voice-over artists, motivational speakers. Additionally, she has experience working with transgender clients and clients who have sustained vocal injury and are in rehabilitation and habilitation. Mindy’s clients have been on world tours, national Broadway tours, AMA's, the Grammy's, BET Awards, Saturday Night Live, and International Award shows. Some have become viral YouTube sensations, college scholarship winners, TV singing show contestants, and cruise line performers.
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