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Vocal Reconditioning


Vocal Tract Reconditioning is a form of voice habilitation that includes: voicing, touch, stretching, mobilization, and movement in the vocal tract. It is also known as a "Voice Massage".  The vocal tract consists of the Jaw, Tongue, Sinus, Laryngeal area and Diaphragm.  Vocal Tract Reconditioning has been known to help with:

  • Tension
  • Loss of Voice
  • Vocal Fatigue
  • Laryngeal Balance
  • Throat, Jaw, Tongue and Pain
  • Increase of Range
  • Improve Voice Function
  • Improving Endurance and Stamina
  • Prevention of Vocal Pathologies
  • Reducing Vocal Fold Strain
  • Stress
  • Increase Flexibility
  • Vocal Efficiency



Singers, Actors, Speakers, DJ’s, anyone who is a voice user.

YOU will benefit from this work! Vocal Tract Reconditioning can be used to help any of the following issues.

  • Vocal Fatigue
  • Decreased Endurance
  • Jaw tension, Jaw pain and  Throat Tension
  • Tongue Tightness
  • Loss of Range
  • Hoarse Voice
  • Difficulty Phonating
  • Vocal and Throat Pain
  • Neck Tension
  • Neck and Throat Pain
  • Reduced Resonance
  • Difficulty Swallowing
  • Decreased Vocal Stamina
  • Stress and Strain



After shadowing and studying under many different ENT’s, Laryngologists, and Speech Language Pathologists, lectures and workshops I decided to further my career and understanding of the vocal mechanics by applying to get my certification in Vocology through the National Center of Voice and Speech.  After passing master-level courses in vocal acoustics, physics, laryngeal dissections, cadaver labs, vocal pathologies, motor learning, and more, I was able to complete the certification.   I also knew that there was more to the vocal tract than just the vocal folds and sought out a higher understanding of how to balance the entire vocal tract area.  This then brought me to get achieve certified hours in Myofascial Release through training in Houston, Texas.  This training allows me to help balance clients not only on a vocal fold level using technique, vowel placements, and vocal acoustics but a body awareness from the jaw, tongue, laryngeal spaces and down to the diaphragm.  This practice adds so much more than an average voice lesson by bringing awareness to your entire vocal tract and putting your body in optimum position for higher results.  If you are a voice user you will see the benefit of this work after one session and will crave it!


“Previous to my receiving a Vocal Tract Reconditioning from Mindy Pack, my voice had been very strained.  I couldn't practice singing for longer than half an hour before my throat felt fatigued and the notes coming out of me were forced and heavy.  Mindy did Vocal Tract Reconditioning and afterwards my throat opened up and the notes I sang felt free and clear.  I have renewed vocal dexterity and range that I haven't experienced for almost a year.  Additionally, jaw strain I had been carrying around for years is gone.  My larynx and the whole surrounding area is very relaxed.  I can sing now without feeling undue strain or fatigue.  I feel like I have my voice back, and it is surprising to me that it was the muscles surrounding my singing apparatus that were causing so much interference.  Thank you, Mindy!”
~ Jana C. 

“OMG, Mindy!!!!! I have loved the way it feels! My voice feels clearer and not tired after these two shows back to back...I’m obsessed!!”
~ Brock D.

“You seriously just got rid of the jaw tension I have been experiencing for over a year”
~ Danny E.

“I can’t believe I just hit those high notes and how powerful they sounded….Wait….What the heck, how did you do that?”
~ Abbey B.

“My voice was really tired and I’ve had issues with my voice since a surgery I had done. I have had a lot of irritation from the intubation tube. Mindy got in there with the different Vocal Tract Reconditioning techniques. She worked on my neck, my larynx, my jaw and my tongue. After Mindy got done I noticed that my speaking voice improved, it bumped up a couple of steps, I had a reduction of vocal fry, and I had more resonant space! Overall everything felt better, it felt free, it felt more relaxed and I instantly heard a difference in the sound quality of my voice.  It is POWERFUL STUFF!!!!!  Please sign me up for everyday at 2:00 p.m.”
~ Stephanie B.

“I worked on a song called "You're My World" (from Shout the Mod Musical) with you several times and always struggled with two notes the multiple times we worked it and when I practiced. I got it to "good enough to use for an audition." Well, I just sang it 5 times in a row and nailed it every time, even when I sang the wrong vowels. What we did today worked!!!”    ~Larissa V.

"I got a Vocal Tract Reconditioning session from Mindy Pack a couple weeks ago and I gotta say it was AMAZING. I can feel and hear the difference from when I had it done vs now. If you have any questions or concerns about your voice, hit her up! Her knowledge is immensely vast and she can help you with it all!" ~Jason S.

DISCLAIMER: This does not replace current medical treatment you are receiving from any medical professional such as an ENT, Laryngologist, or Speech Therapist.  I am not claiming to be a certified Massage Therapist or Speech Language Pathologist.