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Singing Lessons

  • All Ages (younger ages must audition)
  • All Genres of Music
  • Artist Development
  • Voice Rehabilitation
  • Performance Coaching
  • From Shower Singer - the Gigging Professional
  • Lessons customized for you...The Artist

Why Mindy?

Through training with the world's leading voice instructors, Vocologists, scientists, artists and vocal professionals, Mindy has gained a keen understanding of how the vocal apparatus behaves within any genre. Says Mindy, “My training in different vocal methodologies, college music programs, research and numerous vocal techniques, in and of itself, is nothing out of the ordinary.” What sets Mindy apart is her application of these methodologies. Whether a student is interested in musical theater performance, belt, rock, R&B, jazz, classical, or any other style you can name, Mindy can teach it. “I don't have a style preference,” says Mindy. “So my teaching can be completely student-centered—based entirely on students' goals for themselves.”

Mindy brings not only cutting-edge vocal training, but also extensive research, observation and development within the fields of voice science, pathology and voice disorders and rehabilitation. As such, she is uniquely qualified to help students who come to her with serious vocal injuries and problems.

Mindy is not just a vocal teacher; she is a performer herself. “There is a different psychology behind training vocalists and actually being a vocalist,” says Dave Stroud. “Mindy knows this science through and through. She teaches and works it from every possible angle.”

In addition to understanding the vocal apparatus, Mindy has worked thoroughly to understand the apparatus that is the music industry itself. “I love giving my students every possible advantage and seeing them succeed, not only vocally but within the music industry at large. I bring industry professionals for artist development and mentoring right home to Utah. I am thrilled to share my connections with my clients. I want to give them access to all the music world. I truly want my students to “Be empowered. Be heard. Be YOU!”