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RAab Stevenson

Kimad Productions

Kimad Productions Inc. consists of singer, vocal coach, songwriter, Robert ``RAab`` Stevenson and his team of songwriters and producers. We are based in the Atlanta area but also work across the country and around the world. We specialize in vocal coaching, vocal styling, songwriting, arranging, production and artist development.

Robert “RAab” Stevenson has worked with some of the most famous voices and producers heard on pop radio today. Among them are Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams, Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, The Dave Matthews Band, Zac Brown Band, Ne-Yo, Lumineers lead singer, Phoenix lead singer, Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys, Lionel Richie, Kelly Rowland, Lady Antebellum, 50 Cent, Jennifer Hudson and many others.

KJ Rose

KJ Rose

Keanna J Rose … The Rose Effect, LLC.", is a stage consultancy that helps talent hone their craft and maximize their fullest-authentic potential. My focus is to guide artists as a performance coach to finding "their IT" through DISCOVERY, CONNECTIVITY, and PERSONALIZATION in an effort to provide captivating performances.

KJ has assisted music executive Clive Davis at J Records; toured and worked as a vocalist with artists that include P. Diddy, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and a host of others while also releasing her debut album "All Heart, No Regrets"! Her fervent efforts have gained me a nomination as one of Top 100 Artists on the Verge by The New Music Seminar; a feature on BET's "Music Matters" campaign which highlights the next BET Superstars; and a performance on "The Monique Show" where the Academy Award winning actress proclaimed that her music would soon change lives.

KJ's vast experience and expertise has equipped me with the tools necessary to be an effective performance coach. She's able to get results from performers because she speaks their language, breathes the craft, and is one of few with her trajectory as a recording artist & background vocalist. She emboldens artists to see performing as a mere extension of who they are and what they inherently possess.

Most recently, KJ was casted as the lead vocalist in TriDestined Studio film "The Choir Director"; the performance coach on Disney Channel’s Laura Marano from the hit show "Austin & Ally", Jackie "Flaca" Cruz from the Netflix series "Orange is the New Black", and a new Disney pilot "Paige & Frankie.

KJ Rose


PAVA (THE PAN-AMERICAN VOCOLOGY ASSOCIATION). In its broadest sense, vocology is the study of vocalization. This can include every aspect of human and animal sound-making in airways within the body. An expanded definition of vocology is, "The science and practice of voice habilitation." The emphasis in this definition is on habilitation rather than rehabilitation. Habilitation is the process of enabling, equipping for, or capacitating. Habilitation means more than just repairing a voice; the concept of habilitation promotes an overarching, objective view of the voice as an essentially functional system that operates in a myriad of genres, styles and speech gestures. This concept allows the full range of vocal expression to be considered.

The mission of the Pan-American Vocology Association is to advance the scientific study of voice for artistic and professional use by fostering vocology in all countries of the Western Hemisphere through research, dissemination of knowledge, training, and the creation and development of professional standards and credentials in voice habilitation and rehabilitation.

iSing Magazine

iSing Magazine

iSing is written by singers and industry pros for savvy singers who want to stay ahead of the game, fill in the gaps and find out what’s what. We are the first interactive digital mag for singers with tons of great articles and interviews on all a wide variety of topics from careers, singing technique, vocal style, health, mindset, the music biz, fashion, songwriting, technology and gear.

This is not a magazine for people who think that being a singer is winning a reality TV show competition. But we’re spot on for people who know that it’s about hard work, preparation and a lot of luck.

We can’t make you famous or successful but we can help you along the way!

The Naked Vocalists

The Naked Vocalists

An amazing podcast from colleagues Chris Johnson and Steve Giles in the UK. They exist to help singers find the right path to their vocal paradise by offering their experience as vocal coaches, the expertise of inspiring industry-leading mentors and teachers,
and their passion for the truth. They believe in sharing the best singing skills and advice to help performers be the best that they can be, both on and off stage. They get expert guests to come and share their wisdom and answer your questions! You can find this for free, through our blog and podcast series, here on the website.

You can find this for free, through their blog and podcast series at the link below.

London Studios

London Studios - Guitar Lessons

Johnny London, a 6'7" British composer and musician, played in several bands and was a guitar instructor in England for 15 years when he met an American woman, living in Notting Hill. They moved from London to Salt Lake City, Utah, in January 2006 to develop the music school of their dreams. The London School of Guitar, now known as London Studios, is thriving and the nationally recognized London School of Guitar Workshop every summer is bigger and better than ever! The London Studios philosophy has always been "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway"- our students are encouraged in their guitar lessons, song writing coaching, and through aggressive teaching styles and hardcore technical exercises to become the musicians they dream of being. We have FUN and LAUGH but we are SERIOUS about music!